Giving DuPage Days is a 3-Day Virtual Fundraiser bringing an entire county together to support local nonprofit charities.

Everyone is invited to take part in this online fundraiser, May 1 – May 3 with a goal to connect individuals, families, businesses, schools, and community & faith groups to celebrate and create awareness of participating charities. Your generous contributions will prove how generosity truly changes everything in our community!

To learn more and view the participating charities’ profiles, click on the button below.


Giving DuPage Days 2024 is here and we are ready to make history with this special event for our LOCAL nonprofit community!

We can’t wait for so many local nonprofit organizations to participate in this event and help meet our goal of raising over $350,000 for these worthy causes. Join our team of outreach angels to use your voice, influence, reach and networks to help spread the word, reach tens of thousands of people and create awareness for the local charities that do so much to help our local residents!

Together, we will send a message of hope to many charities that feed hungry people, provide educational programs deliver health & wellness programs, serve veterans, help families who are struggling, give seniors the support they need, protect neglected animals, provide housing and many other important services to our DuPage residents.

This event is 100% online, so help us break through the chatter to share about this amazing event. These are FREE and easy ways for everyone to get involved!

“The accomplishments we cherish most are those we achieve in partnership with others.
Thanks for taking this journey of generosity with us!”


Add ‘Proud To Support’ To Your Email Signature

Copy/paste this image into your email signature options (the link should follow). This one change will create tremendous awareness for the event and reach thousands of people and organizations.


Change Your Social Media Cover Photo

Show your support on social channels with a new cover photo. A really easy way to create awareness for these charities and let everyone know about this feel-good event with one photo swap.


Let’s get social people! (online, of course)

Calling all social media heros on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! Imagine if thousands of people were posting & sharing about a charitable event to help these local charities….. Starting now, through May 3, post a new image every week, leading up to start of event on May 1, with your own inspirational note. Goal is to have awesome people postings every 3 or 4 days and tag 5-10 different friends every time. Social Sharing FOR GOOD!


Who doesn’t love animation?

If sharing animated GIFs is more up your alley, we’ve got you covered too! Here’s 2 images – one for individuals and one for businesses 🙂


Join the Events
on Social

Let’s tell others we’re planning to be a part of the 5th Annual Giving DuPage Days. Join the events at FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN – don’t forget to share and invite others!


Send Emails To Family, Friends or Organization

Help us share about this awesome event to raise $350,000 by sending a few emails to friends, family, colleagues, your company, your faith or community group. Here’s some email templates. Thanks for helping reach inboxes around the County!


Share & RT 2-3 times every week starting today and through May 6!

Giving DuPage is posting to our social channels every day through May 3. It’s easy to comment, share, RT from our channels and use #givingdupagedays. Our Social Tagboard which goes live during the event will pull the feed from both Twitter and Instagram!


We’re all still Zooming, so let’s make the most of it

A quick swap out of your Zoom background will help to bring visibility for the event. It’s an easy conversation starter which gives you the chance to share your support of the largest multi-charity fundraiser in DuPage County.


‘I GAVE’ cards

If you make a gift during the giving event, post the ‘I GAVE’ card to your social networks right away – let’s create momentum May 1-3!

I Gave Badge


Every gift is a blessing!

A gift, in any amount, is greatly appreciated and is true blessing. Or consider becoming a fundraiser to support a great cause. Search for charities and select the ‘fundraise’ button at their profile.

1st Day of Giving begins at midnight on May 1 and giving closes at 11:59 pm on May 3.


Become A Fundraiser

Consider becoming a fundraiser to support a great cause. Search for charities and select the ‘fundraise’ button at their profile page.


Donate To
Multiple Charities

Consider stretching your generosity by giving to multiple charities during donations. Super easy to split one large donation to a smaller donation to many charities. 1st Day of Giving begins at midnight on May 1 and we close at 11:59 pm on May 3.


Become A ‘BEST BUDDIES’ In-Kind Partner 

Does your organization have a large membership, or does your company employ hundreds of employees? We are looking for you to join our event as a ‘Best Buddies’ Partner. This is a high-recognition, FREE sponsorship with a commitment to help with outreach and promotion.

Here’s requirements to be a ‘Best Buddies In-Kind Partner’:

  • Your organization agrees to send 2 email/e-blasts to your large audience
    o First email must be sent between March 15 to April 8
    o Second email must be sent on either 4/29 or 5/1
  • Post at least 3 times on social networks – 1 of 3 social media posts must be on  4/29,  5/2
    or  5/3

In exchange, we will:

  • Share your logo in the ‘Sponsors’ section on website home page
  • Share your logo in e-newsletters sent to over 13,000 subscribers
  • Share your logo and tag your organization in our ‘thank you’ post on all Giving DuPage social channels

Interested? Please contact [email protected]. We’d love to have many Best Buddies join our event to help hundreds of local charities!


Set A Match Challenge 

Up the ante and become a Match Donor for the overall event or for any participating charity. This is a great way to double your impact and promote philanthropy within our community. Any match donation amount would be greatly appreciated by all! Contact us at [email protected] for help on how to implement the match.


Join us as a Sponsor

Giving DuPage offers this virtual community fundraiser event so many of our local nonprofit charities can get
involved with a minimal investment. We can continue our model through generous support from our sponsor
partners. They make it possible for us to host this event and provide other programs throughout the year. As the County’s Volunteer Center, Giving DuPage mobilizes volunteers, equips organizations with resources to succeed and strives to inspire our DuPage community. We would love to partner with your organization.