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Giving DuPage hosts the annual Volapalooza fall event – a countywide Volunteer Recognition breakfast to recognize the incredible work of community volunteers who donate their time generously to hundreds of local nonprofit organizations.

Organizations are invited to participate in Volapalooza 2017 where hundreds of local charities, companies and community groups will recognize over 200 individual & corporate volunteers for their amazing contributions to the DuPage community.


  • Every volunteer receives a special Gratitude Gift for their extraordinary efforts and positive community impact.
  • Volunteers will be featured in the following year’s DuPage Giving Guide – a publication featuring the work of hundreds of local nonprofit organizations with a circulation of 25,500!
  • LIVE $500 Volunteer Investment Grant raffle presented by Volapalooza Sponsors! Nonprofit organizations that nominate volunteers will be entered in the raffle to invest into the organization’s volunteer recruitment and retention efforts.

Join us for this special countywide celebration of extraordinary volunteers – OCTOBER 26, 2017!

If you have any questions or if you are interested in being a Premier Partner for Volapalooza, please contact givingdupage@dupageco.org or call 630.407.6458.

We are blessed to have such wonderful community partners and we thank them for their generous support of Volapalooza 2017!