What is Board² Program?

  • RECRUITMENT.  Giving DuPage will recruit & identify qualified skilled professionals who are eager to make a difference in our community.
  • MATCH.  Prospective candidates are matched to the cause or local organization they want to support.
  • PLACEMENT.  Non-profit organizations are connected to individual board candidates who believe in their mission.
  • TRAINING.  Giving DuPage will offer a training orientation course on ‘How To Be An Effective Board Member’ twice per year, one course in spring and the other in autumn. To view course dates or to register, visit our partnership with the NIU Civic Leadership Academy.

Who should participate?

For individual candidates Board2 is the perfect professional development opportunity for people who want to give back, assume responsibilities, meet new people and use their talents to make a positive impact in the community.

For non-profit organizations – Board2 is the answer to those organizations searching for new board members with fresh ideas, knowledge, resources and networks to bring to the board.  Board2 is ideal for organizations, with open board positions, but lack staff time & resources to find qualified individuals to match to your cause.

For companies or community groups Board2 is a great way for companies to offer leadership & development training, while also aligning philanthropic efforts with strategic values.  Through involvement with Board2, community groups can be directly involved with issues, initiatives and solutions, affecting our region.

Board² serves the same demographic as Giving DuPage; candidates must live or work in DuPage County and non-profits must provide services in DuPage County.

How does it work?

  1. APPLICATION.  Individual board candidates and non-profit organizations complete an application (applications being converted to online forms and will be uploaded soon.)
  2. REFERRAL.  Individual candidates receive a “best fit” list of non-profit organizations based on their information provided in the application. Once the individual expresses interest in a non-profit, the organization is notified and arranges to meet prospective candidates.
  3. CONNECTION.  Once board members are placed at a non-profit organization, Giving DuPage will check-in immediately after placement for status updates and to track outcomes.
  4. SUCCESS.   Non-profit organizations assume responsibility for cultivating new board members and individual board candidates learn how to give back to their new non-profit org, but Giving DuPage will strengthen the connection by offering ongoing training.

What does it cost?

The recruitment, referral and placement process is FREE to both candidates and non-profit organizations.  Ongoing training opportunities will be offered for a nominal registration fee.

Does Board2 really work?

Yes. Similar programs exist around the country, and are met with great success. Giving DuPage continues to make connections, so non-profit organizations find the right candidates that meets their needs.